Tuesday, September 24, 2013

30 Minute DIY Coaster Project

As I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work, I was dreaming up all the fun DIY's that I could do tonight. Thinking to my self what DIY could be fast, use supplies I had on hand, and not take up a ton of time. I kept coming back to this image of our white glass coaster falling off of Brett's cup yesterday. This occurrence of the coaster taking a nose dive happens regularly around here (this makes Brett terribly angry). We like a lot of ice in our drinks so our glasses get pretty sweaty. Sweat from the ice makes the coaster stick to the bottom of a glass, then the coaster goes flighting to the floor, this is followed by Brett telling me how much he hates my necessity for coasters. I then insist to him that we must use costers to protect our thrifted side tables. I adore them too much to let water rings ruin them, by gosh they are wood! So this issue with the coaster got me thinking...  what could I do to make these coasters not stick...maybe felt polka dot printed liners... but I didn't have any felt, maybe cork with gold striped washi tape... but I didn't have any cork.  I remembered of this giant roll of hemp twine I had that was just waiting to be used up. 5 o-clock traffic coaster project was born... instructions below!

Supplies you will need:
Coaster Bases mine are thrifted white glass
Hemp rope or natural jute
Exacto knife
Glue gun
2 glue sticks per coaster
Around 30 min to assemble supplies and complete 4 coasters
Ice sweating mixed drink to keep you invested in the final product

Start by running a string of glue around the outer part of the base.
Cut your rope at angle so that when you begin to overlap you will get a nice edge to butt the next layer against.
Every few inches bead the hot glue so that the rope will lay next to itself securely.
Continue this process till you get to the center and then cut the tail down to a manageable size.
Your cup is probably empty at this point so you should take a moment and make your self another drink...

Once you reach a center that is smaller than a dime you will cut the remanding tail to a half inch.
After this you can adjust the amount you will need to finish the inside by folding and wrapping until you find the right fit. Add a few more beads of glue and then tuck the tail and trim the execess. Remember to keep the rope as uniform as possible so that you have an even surface for cups to sit on.

Enjoy your 30 minutes of hard work and don't let anyone have a sweaty glass on your wood table top again. xoxo

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  1. This is so easy! But I wonder where can I buy this kind of rope to make my Personalized Glassware coaster? I really want this badly. :)